Counselor's Office

Allow me to express how fortunate I am to be a part of the Pawnee educational community. I look forward every day to providing our fighting Indians and Redwings with a positive school experience and one which will meet the individual needs of each student in our school. Everyone is different, but we all have the same basic need to feel safe and valued. My office is always open to each student, parent and staff member that needs help in meeting the academic, social and personal objectives of our community.

The role of the school counselor is to help all students fully develop their academic, career, personal and social abilities. School counselors are professional educators who deliver a comprehensive guidance program consisting of the following four components:

Classroom Guidance - Counselors teach guidance lessons in all classrooms addressing basic life-long skills including responsible behavior, conflict resolution, goal setting, career planning, character education, among others. Counselors use a variety of developmentally appropriate techniques to engage students in learning.

Responsive Services - Counselors sometimes provide short-term individual counseling sessions or they may see students in small group settings, when deemed appropriate. Concerns that might be affecting a student's achievement in school are typically addressed in these sessions.

Individual Planning - Counselors help 8th graders plan for their transition to high school by coordinating events with their high school counterparts and providing this information to students and their parents.

System Support - Counselors assist in referring students to appropriate support programs and services, both within the school setting and to outside agencies. They also participate in professional development to enhance their counseling skills and job effectiveness on an ongoing basis throughout the school year.