Pawnee ISD as a District of Innovation

House Bill 1842, passed in the 84th Texas Legislative Session, provides an opportunity for Texas public school districts to modify state requirements at the local level to better meet the needs of their unique student populations, in order to prepare them for success and lifelong learning. As a District of Innovation, Pawnee ISD will be able to implement increased flexibility and freedom necessary to be innovative with the kinds of learning experiences afforded to our students. Making important educational decisions at the local level is the most effective way to support the innovation plans in our district.

District of Innovation Timeline:

PISD Board of Trustees passes resolution to submit District of Innovation Plan.

PISD Board conducts a public hearing to consider developing an innovation plan.

Board Meeting/Public Hearing: 3/7/17

Website Posting: 3/8/17

PISD District of Innovation Team holds a public meeting to consider and approve the final version with a majority vote for recommendation to the PISD Board.

DOI Meeting: 3/27/17

District of Innovation subcommittee meetings will be held in the library at 3:30pm. All are welcome to attend.

DOI Meeting: 1/21/20

DOI Agenda 1/21/20

Date Topic
Monday, April 3, 2017 School District
Tuesday, April 4, 2017 Fiscal management
Wednesday, April 5, 2017 Students
Thursday, April 6, 2017 Educators

Board Meeting/Public Hearing: 4/11/2017

Website Posting: 4/12/2017

PISD Board Adoption of Innovation Plan.

Board Meeting: 5/9/17

Website Posting:5/10/17

PISD notifies the Commissioner of intent to adopt plan.

Day after Board Meeting: 5/10/17

District of Innovation Plan posted on district website: http://www.pawneeisd.net.


PISD Board of Trustees vote to adopt innovation plan.

This plan is specific to the exemptions as outlined. The district intends to follow the Texas Education Code in all other areas. If at some point it is decided that changes or additional exemptions should be considered, as per the Districts of Innovation process, the district will reconvene the District of Innovation Team to explore the request and proceed with the board approval process. Under HB 1842, districts may identify certain requirements imposed by the Texas Education Code (TEC) “that inhibit the goals of the plan and from which the district should be exempted on adoption of the plan. . .” The Pawnee ISD Graduate Profile demands innovative practices and opportunities for our students, and therefore, PISD seeks exemption from the following permissible provisions of the TEC as allowed in the statute: