In order to accomplish the District mission, the Pawnee Independent School District Board of Trustees has adopted the following USDE performance goals:

  • Performance Goal 1: Pawnee ISD will exceed state and federal standards by providing a well-balanced and challenging curriculum which addresses the needs of all students.

  • Performance Goal 2: Pawnee ISD will provide an innovative curriculum with instructional programs and services to maximize each student's potential in order to graduate prepared for post secondary experiences.

  • Performance Goal 3: Pawnee ISD will provide the best educational environment that is safe, drug-free, and conducive to teaching and learning.

  • Performance Goal 4: Pawnee ISD will ensure effective and efficient use of funds in order to facilitate optimal student achievement.

  • Performance Goal 5: Pawnee ISD will seek and retain highly qualified, effective, and committed personnel in an environment that values staff and maximizes student achievement.